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Not a lot of detail in this drawing but i kinda think the more simplistic style makes the drawing more calming and relaxing. I like the warm colors coming off the clouds, I also like the way you drew the clouds as well, good job on this drawing.

KingOfFatCats responds:

Thanks!! might do more work with it later down the road

well the drawing has good clean line-work, the shading is alright and the colors are nice although there isn't much detail to the clothing, leaving the drawing feeling bland and empty. The way you draw the eyes are very stylish, i like it and the purple gradient really adds to it but everything else is quite generic.

The shape of the hair is nice but the way you did the lighting feels quite cheap and lazy, there isn't much difference between this and your other characters, there's more than creating a character than it's cosmetics. I also noticed most of your drawings have them looking to the side, not that it's a problem but it feels like something i should address.

Every character you draw feels too similar to one another, the way you draw the nose, eyes, the mouth, there isn't much variety. I know you can draw whatever you want but i gotta say you have potential and it doesn't seem like you're pushing yourself hard enough.

GhostGalaxies responds:

thank you! I know I gotta start making my characters more unique and it's something I'm working on.

oooh, very good. love the colour variety and the positioning of everything. The shading is very nice as well as well with the lighting although where the light source is coming from is very inconsistent but I can understand why you did it that way. The drawing as a whole is very colourful and alive, brimming with energy. Even though I'm not a massive fan of the style I can still appreciate the amount of work and effort put into your drawings.

ZeTrystan responds:

Happy you take time to comment and be constructive even if it's not your kind of artstyle! ;) I appreciate that even more, for some reason! Haha. Thanks!

Very colourful and vibrant. The style is very lovely and nice to look at. Love the lighting and shading. I'm also a sucker for foxes so I love this drawing even more.

ThelittlePolo responds:

Haha! Foxes are the cutest!
Thanks for your critiques!
An thanks a lot for following me! (you're the real first! i'm so happy! :D)

I enjoy your style, it really gives the drawing and character personality.

KharonR responds:

Thank you so much 'v'~ I'm glad you think so~

Even though you lost track of what you wanted it is still a really nice piece. It gives off a mostly calming feeling and I love the colours. it's also nice you added in little insects and such within the background, makes the drawing feel more alive. I ain't a professional critique or anything like that but I know a good drawing when I see one and this one is very good.

ZakkVanBurace responds:

Thank you very much. Sometimes I think I ask too much from myself I guess... this probably is good but, as it's not what I had in mind, I can barely see it. However, your words do help me feel better about it, so thank you again.

The drawing overall is very average and dull. The line art is very messy, the shading is sloppy and looks unfinished. the colour choice is good. The background is mushy and seems rushed. The clouds although are very nice and well done and gives off a nice atmosphere but the rest seems really boring. You are a decent artist and hopefully you will improve. Good luck in the future.

Denomy responds:

Thanks for the comment and I agree with what you said. It's not my best drawing and when I started drawing it I wasn't even thinking about uploading it. Honestly, I wasn't trying too hard on it because I thought I won't get so far with it as to finish it. And digital art is not a thing I'm very good at yet, I'm still practicing. But thank you again, I will deffinetily improve!

Very nicely done. You could have added in more objects within the drawing to make look more interesting, some on the table and possibly give a glow to the outside of the globe? you could have also drawn from a different angle to give it a more dynamic view. These are more of suggestions than anything, anywho, good work.

Bianca-doodles responds:

Thank you, good suggestions. This was kind of just a sketch that went out of hand but if I made finished piece I would definitely take those ideas into consideration

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